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The photo in the middle show glasses with a lower margin far to high. The total visual field of the mouth of the patient is below the lower marging of glasses. Phto at right side how much the dentist now has to bend the neck in order to look downwards into the mouth of the patient.

The direction of vision has high influience on the workposture of the dentist.  The more the eyes are directied downwards - within limits of comfort - the less bending of neck.

Therefore the glasses for dentists incllined precision vision must be desighed so lower margin almost touchec the cheek of the dentist AND the optical axis of the lens is at least - 35 degrees - for inclined vision from 30 to 45 degrees. This provides precision vision without distorsion of the visual field.

The lower photo show INCLINED PRECISION VISION GLASSES hand made for dentist. Upper left photo show them "in action" The frame is extremely light and almost invisible and is used when working in the mouth of the patient. However you can see in all directions.  A version mounted for 20 degrees inclined vision is too ideal for reading.

If there is sufficient interest I will consider to make a production. In you are interrested send a mail to