The therm ”interactive design” marks that the user and equipment interacts with each other and must be developed together.

The user of equipment is however forced to adapt to her/his existing equipment. This is often done without conscience about it.  Most dentists are not aware of  how or why they are performing their manual work as they are. This is a large problem for the producers of equipment who try o “serve” the potential buyers. So it is for the dentist who tend to continue working with their same old routines.

The equipment should serve our work methods. Yes, but which ones.Therefore we have to know precisely what best standard is for our work methods.

Here are a few of the most important examples


The dentist should be possible to wok in fine postures.


The dentist should have visual and instrumental access on all  extern and possible intern surfaces of all teeth while working in fine postures.

All type of movements  should be performed with precise hand support


The dentist should be able to work with uninterrupted visual and manual concentration.

This is implies high standard of assistance.




STOOL :Balanced sitting position. Higher sitting positon. Balance stool. Option footrest for assistant. Discomfort by saddle stools


VISION. Incline your eyes downwards to keep up your head.  Inclined spectacles, Inclined loupe. Precision vision about 32 cm distance

Treating the patient horizontal is mandatory for working in fine postures.


PATIENT CHAIR Vertical position of patient chair with horizontal backrest,  max height 80 – 90 cm (many patient chairs are too low in max position)

Headrest adjustable in inclination and vertical position.

Small base of chair (many chairbases are so large that there is no place for footcontroller under the chair)

Short back rest  (many chairs have so long a backrest that headrest cannot be adjusted for tilting patient head a little backwards)


OPERATING LAMP. Long supporting arm, lamp should be 30 cm longer than the headrest of horizontal patientchair, and the head should be tilted to direct the light into the mouth of the patient from this 12 o’clock position.  (some lamp fail in both requirements.)


UNIT. Unit must be in  a position so it is easy to grasp the instruments for the dentist in all positions  9- 12 o’clock with looking away from the mouth of the patient AND the assistant should be able to reach all unitinstruments in order to prepare them and transfer them to the dentist.

Only one position allows this:

Central places unitinstruments over the patient and between assistant and dentist.

Take care: Uunitinstruments must be places 25 – 30 cm higher than horizontal patientchair. (very many unit fail in this basic function) “parking” position of unit at assistant side.

3 in 1 syringe – closest to assistant, Suringe can be regulated soft, medium, hard spray  (most syringes fail on this)

No turbine

2 minimotors, one of them used with red ring multiplication high speed contraangle which replaces the turbine.

(faster, better torque, speed regulation, preciser, safer, better tactile feed back, easier)

Ultrasonic scaler, may be airscaler.

Balanced instruments (quality of balance quite different)


FOOTCONTROLER AND CONTROLSYSTEM FOR UNITINSTRUMENTS. Full speed regulation, and when speed is selected by footconroller can the same speed be reactivated by on/off function.  Automatic chip blow for automatic drying  of cavity,


SUCTION HOLDER, inclined suction tip 12 cm from tip of 3 in one syringe for assistant simultaneously pick up of suctiontube and 3 in one syringe


HANDINSTRUMENTTABLE. Between dentist and assistant, left back the patients head.

Assistant can transfer handinstruments to dentist. Dentist can take them himself with lef-right-hand-transfer-tecnique.


WORKSTATION is as important as unit – and is used more. MEGASPACE by Skovsgaard, with 2,3m2 storage equal to 23 standarddrawers within reach and integrated organization and work method concept

(in most dental practices one see only kitchenlike drawer modules without any attempt to integrate in workconcept)