Herluf Skovsgaard

Dentist, dds,

Storegade 59, Assentoft

DK 8960 Randers


Tel + 45 86 49 42 75

Mail: hs@h-skovsgaard.dk Website:   www.netergonomie.com



Graduate from the „Royal Dental College“, Aarhus, Denmark.


Professional experience:

Highly efficient dental practice in Assentoft, Randers, Denmark working full time exept of  25 – 30 days of courses a year. Full activity expected at least to 2022


1971: Development of an advanced and highly ergonomical dental unit  as well as workplace for assistant. From 1974: Lecturer of ergonomics courses in Scandinavia. 1983 Lecturer of practice management and marketing courses in Scandinavia.1984 Lecturer of courses in non verbal communication and Neuro Linguistic Programming.1985 Lecturer of courses in Holland and Belgium. 1986 Consultant in ergonomics during 20 years for XO CARE A/S (former Flex Dental)(un it and chairs. Ergoflex and Mio workplaces etc). Development of unit, chairs, workplaces. 1987      Instructor of courses in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (in German). 1989 Instructor of courses in France (in French). 1990Instructor of courses in Italy (in Italian) and in Spain (in Spanish).-      1998 and -99 Lectures in Japan. 2002 Instructor of courses in Korea. 2000 Instructor of courses in practice organisation and practice design. 2003  Coach and instructor in new phantom training courses in preparation technique. 2004, 2005 Lecturer in new demonstration courses in preparations, rotating instruments, contra angles and micro ergonomics plus biomechanical based working technique for rotating instruments. Collaboration with Komet. 2006 Consultant and developer  for Inform (dental workplaces). 2008  Consultant and developer for Heka Dental Denmark ( units and chairs).  2011 Consultant and developer for Orascoptic (loupe systems)        2011    Developement of new workplace “WORKPLACE 1”  for DUO fourhanded dentistry and for flexible DUO-SOLO dentistry.

Herluf’s wife, Margit Skovsgaard, is a master of literature and philosophy, and is a coach and lecturer in personal development and communication.



With about  1000 lectures and more than 50.000 dentists and assistants attending the courses Herluf Skovsgaard is the most well known, reputed and experienced specialist in dental ergonomics and ergonomics related subjects in Europe.

The courses and lectures have been made for very large groups of many hundreds of dentists, demonstration courses for 50 - 100 dentists and intensive hands on practical training courses for 2 or 4 teams as well as phantom head preparation courses for 4 dentists.

There have been countless lectures in universities, e.g. in Bern, Zurich, Vienna, Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels, Lyon, Santiago de Compostela, etc.

Courses have been held in England, Germany, Holland, Belgium France, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Korea, Japan, USA, and Dominican Republic.

Herluf lectures in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Swedish-Danish.



1.  Clinic development

2.   Service management and marketing for dental clinics.

3.   Non verbal communication during treatment of patients.

4.   30 sec communication and VIP Visual Information Program for communicating

treatment plans. Rhetoric training

5.   Working methods, 4 handed dentistry, ergonomics.

6.   Solo dentistry.

7.   Clinic organisation

8.   Practice design

9.   Preparations techniques and methods, organisation concept of all bur stands,

10. Practical training courses (hands on) for dentists and assistants in assistance and 4 handed dentistry.

11. Practical training courses (hands on) in preparation techniques on phantom heads.



Besides the lectures and courses Herluf Skovsgaard has personally developed and constructed dental units of highest technical and functional quality. From 1971 to 1984 he produced 300 dental units of which about 150 (today at the age of 22 - 34 years!) are still functioning at the highest levels and which are demonstrating extraordinary reliability and quality for the user.


Inventions and innovations include:

First balanced unit instruments to optimize tactility of the dentist’s hands. First speed programming adapted to specific tasks.

Hyper compensated automatic speed regulation controlled by touch and pressure on the surface of the tooth.

First automatic chip blow to dry cavity without switching to air syringe. A suction holder integrated in the unit bridge for better ergonomics.

First automatic suction valves.

Herluf Skovsgaard has continuously developed dental units, chairs and assistants’ working places, and as a consultant and developer for high level manufacturers of dental equipment he is very much experienced in:

Mechanical construction, aesthetic design, high-level functionality, ergonomics and design of software systems as well as design of the modules for the working place behind the chair.