Herluf Skovsgaard



Herluf Skovsgaard has a full time dental practise exept for 30 days a year for conferences, lectures and courses for dentists and assistants. With altogether about 1000 courses of which the half have been hands on training courses, Herluf is Europes  most competent and experienced lecturer in ergonomic-related subject.

Herluf is the author of the book "DANCING HANDS" which presents a                                             GOLDEN STANDARD FOR MANUAL COMPETANCE OF DENTISTS AND FOR ASSISTANTS.

Subjects manual competance and specific workmethods for dentist (unknown to many dentists) Manual competance for assistants. , work postures, prevention of occupational discomfort and healthriscs.Protocol based teamwork. High level four handed dentistry, and working methodes.Teamworh by different types of treatment

Organisation of materials and instruments.  The workstation. Dental equipment supporting assistance and fine workpostures,tist,

Herluf design workplaces, workstations stools for dentist and assistant, units (altogether 6 units)

Herluf Speaks:   English (130 courses), german(180 courses), french( 170 courses) danish(Scandinavia more than 400 courses) and - with reduced vocabulary too spanish(35 courses) and italian (30 courses)

Answers on mails will be in english